Innovation Center

Innovation Center

Reliable partners in innovation

At Puratos we measure our success by how far we can help our customers to create the products and solutions that allow their businesses to thrive. An important way of achieving this success is through our global network of Innovation Centers.

Innovation for everyone

With a global team of more than 463 technical advisors, our network of 81 Innovation Centers are committed to supporting customers on both a local and regional level, providing them with access to the very latest industry equipment, expertise and training, as well as in-depth research into international trends.

We limit our focus to three core disciplines - bakery, patisserie and chocolate-making – but offer our services to all our customers, no matter how big or small. From artisans to industrial manufacturers, and from quick-service restaurants to large supermarkets, each and every one of our customers is welcome.

Our Centers and you

At our Innovation Centers, we concentrate on providing three main services:

  • Product development

To help our customers create the best finished goods, we offer specialist training in all aspects of product development. Whether improving a current product range, develop new recipes, or benchmark a products against competitors, we have all the expertise our customers need to work along side by side. Taste, freshness, texture, ingredient interaction, nutrition and food pairing – training, expert advice, and technical seminars on every aspect of product development are available

  • Category management

Good category management helps to develop a mutually beneficial relationship between retailer and supplier. By booking in time at one of our Innovation Centers, realistic profitability targets can be analysed and set for all product categories, and together with our customers we can work out strategies for meeting those targets.

  • Product profiling

What are the most important characteristics of each of your products? Is it texture? Is it taste? At our Innovation Centers, we will work towards the taste best suited to your audience by first concentrating on working out your product’s unique characteristics. The products of a variety of manufacturers will then be ranked to find out why some products score better than others. Finally, tailor-made solutions can be developed that will enable to create products that appeal directly to your target market.

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