From consumer research, we know that when it comes to sweet treats chocolate is the world’s number-one favourite. Whether it’s dark, milk or white chocolate, whether in praline, croissant, cookie or pastry, our collective obsession with chocolate runs deep.

At Puratos, we understand and share our consumers’ love of chocolate. Our chocolate products are intense, complex, varied and sophisticated, inspiring passion and delight.

What sets Puratos chocolate apart?

At Puratos, we have an unmatched dedication to quality, innovation and customer service. But above all, we’re committed to leadership in taste. Across our chocolate range, we deliver exceptional and differentiating taste profiles, using top-quality chocolates to help you satisfy and delight your customers.

Our ambition is to inspire customers, just as they inspire us. With this ambition in mind, we have created the Chocolate Centers, where we stimulate creativity and devise expert technical solutions to enhance our product offering.


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What happens at the Puratos Chocolate Centers?

Passion and knowledge. At Puratos these things go hand in hand, helping you push creative boundaries and explore new creative concepts. This was the founding aim and ethos of the Puratos Chocolate Centers.

At each Center, we hold training courses and seminars throughout the year, giving you the chance to learn from some of the world’s great chocolate and pastry chefs. Combining technical, taste and production expertise, at the Chocolate Centers we focus on developing new products and new technologies to maintain excellence in chocolate production.


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Because no single chocolate will satisfy all needs and tastes, we talk to consumers to understand their desires and expectations. We then combine these consumer insights with our technical expertise to explore new concepts and break new ground in chocolate production.

Our chocolate products are rich and diverse, ranging from 100% organic, fair trade Belgium Belcolade, to locally produced high-quality chocolate, compound chocolate and fillings for all bakery, patisserie and chocolate product applications.


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Facilities and tools around the world to develop your specific chocolate solutions.