Our history

Our history

Puratos has close to 100 years of rich and varied history that have shaped the Group into what it is today.

  • 2000 and beyond

    • Creation of the O-tentic range: it's a completely new type of product allowing traditional breads to be made.
    • Launch of Sublimo cold setting glazes.
    • Cryst-o-fil, made with 50% real Belgian chocolate is launched on the long shelf-life fillings market.
    • Launch of Ambiante, a delicious non-dairy topping that offers exceptional volume and excellent stability.
    • Launch of Acti-Fresh technology, which gives Puratos technological supremacy in cake freshness.
    • Puratos creates Oxanti, a chocolate with high anti-oxidant power.
    • Puratos establishes subsidiaries in the rest of Central & Eastern Europe and Australia.
    2000' s and beyond
  • 90's

    • The Sapore sourdough range is launched, as are enzymes, fruit-based products and non-dairy creams.
    • Creation of the Puratos Group.
    • Puratos opens subsidiaries in Central and Eastern Europe.
    90' s
  • 80's

    • Diversification into chocolate - with the creation of Belcolade, compound coatings, glazes and margarine.
    • Puratos opens its first Quality and Research Center in Groot-Bijgaarden.
    • Puratos establishes itself in Asia and in the rest of Latin America and creates subsidiaries in France and Germany.
    80' s
  • 70's

    • Launch of S500, a powderbased bread improver. It has since grown into a major product for the group and is still the leader today.
    • Opening of subsidiaries in the UK, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Canada and the USA.
    70' s
  • 60's

    Puratos moves to Groot-Bijgaarden on the outskirts of Brussels, Belgium

    60' s
  • 40's - 50's

    • The age of the pioneers: François Van Belle and Pierre Demanet join Puratos
    • Creation of T500, the first complete bread improver. This product marks a turning point in the history of Puratos.
    40' s - 50' s
  • 20's

    Puratos launches Pura-Malté, a branded bread based on wheat germs, roasted in a machine invented by Professor Picard, known for his bathyscaphe.

  • 1919

    Puratos is founded in Brussels, Belgium to create, produce and sell ingredients for bakers and patissiers



The Puratos Group is a global, customer-centered organisation, well known as a close-knit family company.


Mission & Vision

We believe that people will attach more and more importance to the quality of their food in the future.

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