18 Jan 2017

Do not let butter price volatility keep you from making top quality viennoiserie

18 Jan 2017

Do not let butter price volatility keep you from making top quality viennoiserie

How can you lower your lamination fat costs, reducing any future risk?

Most commodities like oil, sugar, and wheat are just that … commodities. You can buy them pretty much anywhere in the world and the quality does not fundamentally change. Commodities can be traded virtually in markets.

This means you can buy ahead of time knowing the quantities you will consume and fix your cost of purchase.

With dairy, it is a little different. Although accepted and treated as a commodity, dairy products can not be hedged for future. Therefore changes in prices affect the costs radically and effective immediately.

Evolution of butter price

The price of butter has been fluctuating over the years as presented on the graph, enclosed. 

2008 Global Financial crisis which led the prices to drop in 2009
2010-2011 prices start to increase as recovery from the financial crisis is seen 2011 end prices drop due to fear for a new recession
2012 prices started to rise to a normal level again depending on the demand.
2014 Russia banned the milk imports from Europe. Demand has decreased in Russia and China.
2015 EU has stopped the quotas which lead to higher stocks in 2015 until mid-2016

In 2016, due to measures taken worldwide to control the prices, butter has reached a historically high price. In the US, due to a slaughter programme for farmers, whereas the EU has intervened to control prices, leading to farmers producing less milk at a time when the demand is increasing.

Lower your lamination fat costs and reduce any future risk

In a laminated viennoisserie, there is around 30 to 40% of fat depending on the application, making lamination fat a very important ingredient both on the cost and the quality aspect of the end-product.
At Puratos we have developed the new generation of lamination fat – Mimetic, available with sustainable Palm oil.

To help you, our customers, to produce the top quality laminated products while keeping your costs down and reducing the risk of price fluctuations.

Unlike butter, you will be able to contract your Mimetic for the future, protecting yourself from unpredictable market changes and helping you reduce your costs.

Mimetic is the long-term solution

Mimetic is a new generation of lamination fat that helps create superior quality croissants, danishes, and puff pastry products with the traditional French viennoiserie touch.
It has proven to extend the shelf life of laminated viennoisserie offering perfect crispiness, an extreme melting profile, an intense taste and golden crust.
Discover more about this product on our website or fix a meeting with your local Puratos representative for a sample and additional information. 


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